Gone Pickin’ by Jared E. Cicon Sr.


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Never before has a book on the subject been offered with as much detail, candor and completeness. Learn how to start your own ‘Picking’ business for the cost of a drive-thru value meal. Presented with the wit and wisdom expected of Jared Cicon. Click here to get your digital copy of Gone Pickin’ at Amazon.com., or here to purchase your 230 page hard copy.

“ My goal, is to encourage any reader finding themselves in a tough financial spot, to test the very doable principles offered in this book. I’ve included everything necessary for changing career and life for the better. This book provides a way to reintroduce genuine excitement into daily work. Imagine that? Imagine setting out clothing the night before and gleefully asking Siri to wake you up, bright and early. Hard to imagine?”  GET THE BOOK!




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